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Washington Post Crashed-and-Burneded Watch: David Ignatius Edition

Why oh why can't we have a better press corps? Justin Fox:

The Curious Capitalist: I don't mean to single out David Ignatius, whose failure to keep Israeli President Peres from vastly exceeding his allotted time apparently incensed the Turkish prime minister..... The prominence and self-importance of many of the speakers here, coupled with a certain cultural sensitivity... keep[s] moderators from exercising the discipline often needed to make discussions work. So it was refreshing this afternoon to watch the BBC's Nik Gowing make no attempt to avoid obnoxiousness in a made-for-TV discussion about financial crisis and regulation...

That there are other moderators (few, in my experience) at Davos who don't do their jobs is no reason for David Ignatius not to do his job and so create an international diplomatic incident.

Some bare minimal competence would be nice...