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Washington Post Crashed-and-Burninated Watch (Juan Williams Edition)

Stanley asks:

Unfogged: Has Juan Williams always s-----? I have a vague inclination towards a partial recollection of him as not s------. But I have not any source for that inclination nor for the recollection...

The answer is "yes": Juan Williams has always s-----:

Thomas Defender Apologizes: A Washington Post reporter who wrote a widely quoted column criticizing the accusations of sexual harassment against Judge Clarence Thomas has been disciplined by the newspaper for his own conduct toward female colleagues and has apologized to the staff, The Post reported today. The 37-year-old journalist, Juan Williams, said in an open letter to The Post's newsroom on Friday that his conduct had been "wrong" and "inappropriate." Several female employees had complained that Mr. Williams had harassed them with sexually explicit and hostile comments, and the newspaper investigated those complaints.

The newspaper's executive editor, Leonard Downie Jr., also issued a letter to the staff. "The complaints were found to be serious," it said, "and, as Juan acknowledges, he was disciplined for his conduct and intends to apologize to women he offended." Neither The Post's account nor the two letters it quoted described the nature of the discipline. The Post had earlier said that the outcome of personnel inquiries should remain confidential. But on Friday about 50 female employees met with Mr. Downie and told him they objected to the paper's refusal to disclose the resolution of the investigation involving Mr. Williams, which had begun in early October. The letters from Mr. Williams and Mr. Downie were posted several hours later...