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NPR Crashed-and-Burned Watch (Ellen Weiss Unclear on the Concept Department)

Media Matters:

Media Matters - Is NPR embarrassed to be seen with Juan Williams?: In the wake of Juan Williams' latest outburst on Fox News, NPR has asked him to stop identifying himself as an NPR contributor when he appears on Fox.  NPR's Ombudsman concludes her assessment of the situation:

[I]n the end, NPR must decide -- as it apparently already has -- whether giving its listeners the benefit of Williams' voice is worth the cost of annoying some listeners for his work on Fox.

As a result of this latest flap, NPR's Vice President of News, Ellen Weiss, has asked Williams to ask that Fox remove his NPR identification whenever he is on O'Reilly.

But O'Reilly's identification of Juan Williams is true. Juan Williams is an NPR contributor. It's shameful, it's embarrassing, but it is what it is--and NPR has no right to try to censor Fox.

Why oh why can't we have a better press corps?