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Prometheus 6 Welcomes Justice Ginsburg back to the Court

Thems that voted to confirm Justice Roberts have a lot of xplainin to do:

Prometheus 6: And welcome back, Justice Ginsburg.

Excluding domestic abusers who are convicted under generic laws ''would frustrate Congress' manifest purpose,'' Ginsburg said. The law's main sponsor, New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg, said in 1996 that people who abuse their spouses and children often are not charged with felonies or are allowed to plead to lesser crimes, sometimes because relatives are unwilling to press more serious charges.

In dissent, Roberts said the federal law is ambiguous and that the case should have been resolved in Hayes' favor. ''Ten years in jail is too much to hinge on the will-o'-the-wisp of statutory meaning pursued by the majority,'' Roberts said.

I find it amusing that Chief Justice Roberts, who so easily discerns the intent of men writing over 200 years ago, cannot discern the intent of Congress in a law issued in his lifetime.