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The Republican Party, Complete

Republicans Seek a Poorer Nation with Higher Unemployment

Had John McCain won the presidential election last November, a similarly-sized fiscal boost bill--more tax cuts, fewer spending increases, tilted toward the rich rather than toward the poor and middle class--would now be moving through the congress with genuine bipartisan support.

But Barack Obama won the presidency. And so the Republicans decide to try to make America a poorer nation with higher unemployment: 246-183-1 in the House, with not a single Republican representative voting yes:

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Today when this country cries out to help this economy, to help America's families who are unemployed, who are losing income, losing jobs, President Obama stepped forth with the American Recovery Act. The Republicans step forth with saying 'no.' It was reflective when Minority Leader John Boehner's instructions to his colleagues to oppose the bill, even as President Obama was traveling the Hill to meet with them and discuss this bill with them, they decided in advance of that meeting they would say 'no.' Minority Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia has said that 'no' is going to be the Republican strategy on this economic crises. 'No' is going to be their strategy, he said. The Republican national spokesman of late, radio host Rush Limbaugh, added that 'no is the strategy by asserting on the air he wants President Obama to fail. Does he understand if President Obama fails, that the American families lose income, they lose their jobs, and the crises continues? And here we see the repeating of 'no.'"

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