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The "Pro-Life" Movement: Children of Sluts Must Die!!

Colorado State Senator David Schultheis (Republican, Colorado Springs) favors mother-child HIV transmission:

Rocky Mountain News: This stems from sexual promiscuity for the most part and I just can't go there. We do things continually to remove the consequences of poor behavior, unacceptable behavior, quite frankly. I'm not convinced that part of the role of government should be to protect individuals from the negative consequences of their actions.... What I'm hoping is that yes, that [child] may have AIDS, have it seriously as a baby and when they grow up, [and] the mother will begin to feel guilt as a result of that. The family will see the negative consequences of that promiscuity and it may make a number of people over the coming years.. begin to realize that there are negative consequences and maybe they should adjust their behavior. We can't keep people from being raped. We can't keep people from shooting each other. We can't keep people from jumping off bridges. People drink and drive, and they crash and kill people. Poor behavior has its consequences...

Duncan Black observes:

Eschaton: The [William] Saletans of the world think we [pro-choice people] are crazy when we try to explain to them that the pro-life movement (not [grassroots] pro-lifers, but the movement) is all about punishing women who have sex they disapprove of. [It's] not much about life when you're bestowing a death sentence.