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Outsourced to Matthew Yglesias:

Matthew Yglesias: The Clinton Economy: Marc Ambinder writes about the new WhiteHouse.gov’s treatment of Bill Clinton:

Its Clinton biography makes no mention of the economy’s performance in his terms, but refers to “the failure in his second year of a huge program of health care reform” and “issues surrounding personal indiscretions with a young woman White House intern”

Intriguing! Except here’s the first paragraph of the Clinton bio:

During the administration of William Jefferson Clinton, the U.S. enjoyed more peace and economic well being than at any time in its history. He was the first Democratic president since Franklin D. Roosevelt to win a second term. He could point to the lowest unemployment rate in modern times, the lowest inflation in 30 years, the highest home ownership in the country’s history, dropping crime rates in many places, and reduced welfare rolls. He proposed the first balanced budget in decades and achieved a budget surplus. As part of a plan to celebrate the millennium in 2000, Clinton called for a great national initiative to end racial discrimination.

That sounds like a mention of the economy’s performance to me. Maybe some technical glitch kept this off the page when Marc read it?