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DeLong Smackdown Watch: 3.5 Billion of Asian Descent Don't Like Ross Douthat Either

From The Crimson, April 2, 2001:

Ross Douthat: the College Years: If I really wanted to offend Harvard Asians, I might sit down and write an article in which I was, well, a tad critical of the Asian community. For instance, I might suggest that there was, let’s say, a slight trend toward ethnic self-segregation, or a slight proclivity for the sciences over the humanities among Asian-Americans. And I might, if I were so inclined (not that anyone would be), get downright nasty and suggest that a large chunk of these self-segregated, math-and-science types are self-absorbed, clannish and downright weird...

Plus more lurkers (some of them very prominent in the conservative intellectual movement) attack my approval of Ross Douthat in email.