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Felix Salmon:

The New Econoblogger A-List: It's the invite everybody wants to have gotten: were you invited to join Treasury's econoblogger conference call? Clusterstock, Dealbreaker, and Paul Kedrosky found the golden ticket in their inboxes, and Brad DeLong asked a question -- although one would hope that Treasury would be talking to him informally anyway.

As for the list of people who didn't get an invite, they include John Hempton, Yves Smith, and me; rumor has it that obvious names like Mark Thoma,[1] Nouriel Roubini, Tyler Cowen, and Calculated Risk weren't invited either, but I haven't checked. Certainly the call seems to have been very short; if many econobloggers did get the invites, they quite possibly -- like Kedrosky -- didn't get them in time.

Still, a golden star goes to Brad DeLong: going by Dealbreaker's timing, he received the email at 5:19am his time, and was on the call at 7am his time. There's the kind of conscientious econoblogging which gets you the coveted invitations!

[1]Update: Mark emails to say he got an invite. Abnormal Returns got one too. As did Steve Waldman.