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Michael Whitney of Service Employees International Union Makes a Catch

Interesting slip-up by the Wall Street Journal:

Wall Street Journal: Employee Free Choice Act "does not remove the secret ballot": Corporate front groups' one-line attack on the Employee Free Choice Act is the false claim that it somehow eliminates the secret ballot option.... But it seems one of their closest allies is finally willing to acknowledge the truth. In this morning's Wall Street Journal, the corporate-friendly editorial board admits:

"The bill doesn't remove the secret-ballot option from the National Labor Relations Act," wrote the WSJ.

There you have it. The Employee Free Choice Act "doesn't remove the secret ballot."... Think Progress has the dirt:

The acknowledgment by the WSJ that the legislation doesn't eliminate the option of a secret-ballot election is surprising given that it has been one of the most aggressive pushers of the false meme:

  • "Democrats in the House passed the Employee Free Choice Act, a measure that rewrites the rules for union organizing by eliminating secret-ballot elections." [WSJ, 3/8/07]

  • "Labor wants to trash the secret-ballot elections that have been in place since the 1930s." [WSJ, 10/17/08]

  • "Mr. Pryor knew the GOP would block the bill, which gets rid of secret ballots in union elections." [WSJ, 1/2/09]

  • "Big Labor's drive to eliminate secret ballots for union elections has united American business in opposition." [WSJ, 3/11/09]

It's great to see the Wall Street Journal has seen the light. Next time you hear a corporate-funded front group pushing this lie, tell them to read the Wall Street Journal to get the facts.