Yes, We Do Need a Bigger Fiscal Stimulus
Top Marginal Tax Rates Over Time

Washington Post Crashed-and-Burned Watch (Neil Irwin and Annys Shin Department)

Google the exact phrase "McCain economic adviser Mark Zandi" and you get 112 hits. Remove the quotation marks and you get 34,900. Yet Neil Irwin and Annys Shin write:

Job Losses Could Drown Stimulus: "It's premature to say we need another stimulus, but the economy is performing much worse than when [the law] was signed, and the odds are increasing that we'll need a bigger policy response," said Mark Zandi of Moody's, who has advised Democratic lawmakers. "What we've learned is policy has been a step behind this whole downturn. It's important to get a step ahead."


That serious Republican policymakers think that the Republican members of congress have lost their minds in their do-nothing neo-Hooverism is a very important part of this developing story. And unless the Post can build a reputation for covering the whole story there will not be a Post.