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New Republic Crashed-and-Burned Watch

Washington Post Crashed-and-Burned Watch (Outlook Department)

Barry Ritholtz remembers Donald Luskin:

REVIEW: Quit Doling Out That Bad-Economy Line | The Big Picture: It has been exactly 6 months since the single dumbest newspaper column ever published appeared in The Washington Post. Breathtaking in its ignorance, shocking in its fallibility, astonishing in its author’s perversely misperceived world view, it stands as a monument to sheer cluelessness as an economic discipline.

It wasn’t merely off — its simply hard to find anything market or economic related in it that wasn’t 180 degrees wrong. It is a monument to why economists should never allow their politics to influence their day jobs. I was otherwise occupied when this fetid pile of foolishness was published. Six months later, it reads even more ridiculously than it did on 9/14/08. Let’s take a closer look at this, sentence by sentence, and see if we can find anything of value in it...

So far I have asked six employees of the Washington Post whether they think anyone on the editorial staff actually thought Donald Luskin's article informed the readers of the Post. Nobody has said "yes."

A newspaper that has whole departments that do not care about whether its articles inform its readers doesn't have any reason to exist.