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Another Reason Why Friends Don't Let Friends Read The Politico


TBogg » Strong Black Woman Found To Be Tolerable: Congratulations to Michelle Obama for rising above the fever swamps of wingnut fabricated outrage and to Politico's Ben Smith for treating those mostly imaginary negatives as facts:

The newest Gallup numbers show Michelle Obama as more popular even than her husband, with a 72% favorable rating to his 69%. Her transformation in the public eye is one of David Axelrod's great successes, and really a remarkable thing. She was, for a moment, a serious vulnerability for the campaign. She was the subject of her own set of hostile rumors, many centered on race: There was the imaginary "whitey tape" and the rumors about her (actually pretty dry) college thesis. She did herself damage with a comment about how her husband's success made her proud to be an American for the first time. Then she retreated into a far narrower space of supportive wife and mother.

The puke funnel lives...