Are Students Really Finishing Their Papers at 4:04 AM and Emailing Them to Me?
Simple Keynesianism for Monetarists: A Primer

Yet More Things I Have Never Read and Clearly Should Have

Things to Read:

  • Stephen Holmes, “The Secret History of Self-Interest”
  • Allan Silver, “’Two Different Sorts of Commerce’ – Friendship and Strangership in Civil Society”

Things to Reread:

  • Paul Krugman, Introduction to The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money
  • T.H. Marshall, “Citizenship and Social Class”
  • Daniel Bell, "The Public Household" (from The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism)
  • Friedrich Hayek, “The Use of Knowledge in Society”

Jeff Weintraub's History of Economic Thought Syllabus at UPenn:

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