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Kathy G:

All class all the time: Here is a combination of words I never thought I'd read in the same sentence: "Pup" -- that would be the late William F. Buckley -- immediately followed by the phrase "would relieve himself through the opened door of a moving car."

The article linked to above -- which concerns a new memoir by Buckley's son, Christopher -- reveals similar examples ultra-classy behavior on the part of Buckley pere. For example, there's the story of how Buckley exited Christopher's college graduation a scant ten minutes into the ceremony and abandoned him for the rest of the day -- all because was "bored." 

Then there's William F.'s wife, Pat Buckley, who sounds like quite a piece of work. Her own son describes her as callous, appallingly rude, and a serial liar. Among other things, she apparently largely ignored her own granddaughter's existence.

Ya gotta love those conservative family values!

I know I should be used to it by now, but honestly, the rank hypocrisy and ultra-entitled mentality and lifestyle of the conservative elite (in the article, Christopher says his father had two secretaries and a household staff of five; never washed a dish or changed a diaper in his life; and expected everyone around him to bend to his will) never ceases to astonish me.