Jacob Viner (1933), "Balanced Deflation, Inflation, or More Depression"
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Jacob Viner at His Most Arch

Bull, meet red flag:

Jacob Viner (1937), ["Mr. Keynes on the Causes of Unemployment"(http://www.jstor.org/stable/pdfplus/1882505.pdf): Written tho it is by a stylist of the first order, [Keynes's General Theory] is not easy to read, to master, or to appraise. An extremely wide range of problems, none of them simple ones, are dealt with in an unnecessarily small number of pages. Had the book been made longer, the time required for reading it with a fair degree of understanding would have been shorter, for the argument often proceeds at breakneck speed and repeated rereadings are necessary before it can be grasped. The book, moreover, breaks with traditional modes of approach to its problems at a number of points--at the greatest possible number of points, one suspects--and no old term for an old concept is used when a new one can be coined, and if old terms are used new meanings are generally assigned to them...