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Online Economics Courses--Video, etc.

Mark Thoma: http://www.youtube.com/user/markthoma

Josh Hausman writes:

Dear Brad,

Berkeley is a clear leader in this area. Most schools have nothing online except course syllabi and perhaps some problem sets. In almost every google search I tried, http://econ161.berkeley.edu/macro_online/, http://delong.typepad.com/berkeley_econ_101b_spring/, and/or Berkeley webcasts http://webcast.berkeley.edu/ came up at the top of the results....

[W]hat some other schools do have:

  1. MIT OpenCourseWare: A disappointment. None of the economics courses on the site have any audio or video of lectures. And most of the course materials are a few years old. http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Economics/index.htm
  1. Yale's 'Open Yale' site may be better than MIT's OpenCourseWare. There are two economics courses online: Shiller's Yale course on financial markets. It has a very complete website with audio and video of lectures: http://oyc.yale.edu/economics/financial-markets; Ben Polak's course on game theory: http://oyc.yale.edu/economics/game-theory/contents/sessions.html.
  1. Audio or video of Timothy Taylor lecturing on economic history is available for purchase here: http://www.teach12.com/storex/professor.aspx?ID=24.

  2. From the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, a video game that teaches introductory microeconomics (students can receive credit for successfully playing the game!): http://web.uncg.edu/dcl/econ201/. Also see this article about the game: http://campustechnology.com/Articles/2006/09/ECON-201-A-University-Economics-Course-as-an-Online-Computer-Game.aspx?Page=4&p=1. And Online Economics College Courses at UNC Greensboro.

  3. 'World Lecture Hall', out of UT Austin, has links to dozens of courses with online materials. But only two of the economics courses (both micro) seem to have video attached: http://web.austin.utexas.edu/wlh/browse.cfm.

  4. Utah State has five economics courses online with audio of each lecture: http://ocw.usu.edu/courselist.

  5. I like how the AEA combined video and slides in these webcasts: http://www.aeaweb.org/webcasts/assa2009.php.