Jeffrey Rosen Throws New Republic Editor Frank Foer Under the Bus!
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Reason Needs to Take Out the Garbage...

UPDATE: Michael C. Moynihan shows up in the comments section to object.

Unfortunately, it's not clear what he is objecting to. He appears to say that spying on Hitler is bad--or at least that my presumption that "anti-Nazism justifies espionage" is false. I, by contrast, think that spying on Hitler is a good thing to do.

Tell me what you think he is saying here:

Grasping Reality with Both Hands: Reason Needs to Take Out the Garbage...: This really scurrilous stuff, Brad. (I am pro-Nazi garbage????? Really???). Besides not addressing any of my criticisms, you willfully (or lazily) misread me. The "helping" the Soviets defeat fascism refers NOT--I repeat NOT--to the United States, but to I.F. Stone and 1) the presumption that this is what motivated his espionage work and 2) that anti-Nazism justifies espionage. Obviously, I reject the idea that Izzy was motivated simply by a desire to defeat Hitlerism. Besides, Stone's work for Moscow began, according to Klehr and Haynes, in 1936--five years before the German invasion of the Soviet Union. Either way, I addressed most of this in the original post and if your readers decide to click the link, rather than relying on your amazingly disingenuous summary of my point, I suspect they will see what I mean.

And there is more: "Besides," he writes "[I.F.] Stone's work for Moscow began... in 1936--five years before the German invasion of the Soviet Union..."

Michael C. Moynihan:

Hit & Run: Reason Magazine: Since historians John Earl Haynes, Harvey Klehr, and Alexander Vassiliev revealed that their forthcoming volume Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America (Yale University Press) would contain archival documentation linking journalist I.F. Stone to the Soviet intelligence apparatus (cover name: "Pancake"), many of Izzy's acolytes have intervened on behalf of their hero.... Now along comes UC Berkeley economist Brad DeLong to claim that, while he might have worked with the Soviets, Stone should be considered a "premature anti-fascist," and that "helping Stalin against Hitler is a mitzvah"...

Well, helping Stalin and the Russians against Hitler and the Nazis was a mitzvah.

I really, really don't think Reason needs to print people who wish that the Nazis had conquered Moscow in 1941.

Just saying.

UPDATE: National Review too appears to have contributors who think we fought on the wrong side in World War II in joining Stalin rather than Hitler:

RE: More on the Left's Cultural Amnesia: Mark Hemingway: Earlier today, I noted in passing Brad DeLong's incredibly weak defense of I.F. Stone against well-documented assertions that he was a Soviet spy. I didn't have the time or energy to unpack DeLong's argument and deal with how spectacularly wrong it was, but fortunately Michael Moynihan has taken the ball from me, run with it and is now in the end zone doing the anti-communist equivalent of the Ickey Shuffle.

For Reason this is really surprising--I had thought better of them. National Review is more expected.

As I wrote before: You can sense William F. Buckley more than half-wishing he could have played his part in Franco's righteous fight against the grotesque democratic regime of Republican Spain--perhaps by piloting a Ju-87 in the Condor Legion?

October 26, 1957: General Franco is an authentic national hero... [with the] talents, the perseverance, and the sense of the righteousness of his cause, that were required to wrest Spain from the hands of the visionaries, ideologues, Marxists, and nihilists that were imposing... a regime so grotesque as to do violence to the Spanish soul, to deny, even, Spain's historical destiny. He saved the day.... The need was imperative... for a national policy [to]... make this concession to Churchill this morning, that one to Hitler this afternoon.... Franco reigns... supreme. He is not an oppressive dictator.... only as oppressive as is necessary to maintain total power...

March 9, 1957: Franco is a part, and an integral part, of Western civilization... [the] convergence of the multifarious political philosophical, religious, and cultural tendencies that have shaped Spanish history... the man to whom the Spanish people look--as the Chinese have looked to Chiang [Kaishek], for all his faults--for leadership.

There's still a chance to take out the garbage, guys!