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When Deterrence Fails! "Wuthering Heights" Version

Rohan Maitzen writes:

Musical Versions: I was recently reminded of the Kate Bush song “Wuthering Heights.” I’ve learned, through the very scientific methods of chatting with friends and reading responses to posted videos on Facebook, that the song is haunting to some, unpleasantly whiny to others, and just plain weird to still others (actually, I expect all Kate Bush songs evoke at least this wide a range of responses). As it happens, I like “Wuthering Heights”...

and he posts a youtube version.

We must, in response, climb the ladder of esalation or lose all credibility when we make threats in the future. That would be intolerale.

So we escalate. If Rohan will post the white-dress version of "Wuthering Heights," we will in retaliation post:

The Puppini Sisters:

And Placebo: