Fiscal Policy: The Obama Administration Is Not Making Much Sense These Days
Atlantic Monthly Crashed-and-Burned Watch (Clive Crook "Sarah Palin Must Be Respected!" Department)


Freddie of the League of Ordinary Gentlemen asks a question:

The TAS Advice Column: [A] link from one particular blogger has eluded me--Matt Yglesias. Yglesias is my favorite blogger, and his blog is the first one I ever read. Now, I’ve tried posting obvious Yglesias bait, and linking to his pieces myself, and even been linked to defending him from the attacks of a blogger who he has linked to. (Got that?) No dice. So what, pray tell, is a young blogger to do?...

It's simple: you mount your destrier, take up your lance, and ride to the offices of Center for American Progress. There you tap on his shield with your lance--the butt end for a link a plaisance, the sharp end for a link a outrance.

I recommend a plaisance...