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A Republic--If You Can Keep It

Zachary Roth on the transformation of the Justice Department into an arm of the Republican Party:

Email: Rich Lowry Offered To Help White House Spin Firings: Here's a fun nugget from the U.S. attorney documents (h/t reader B.M.): It looks like Rick Lowry of National Review offered the White House his services in doing some positive P.R. on behalf of Rove protege Tim Griffin, who the administration had sought to sought to muscle into the U.S. attorney job in Arkansas as a replacement for the fired Bud Cummins. In a January 2007 email, White House political director Sara Taylor wrote:

Prior is going after Griffin. He's made this his cause.... We need to find some folks to defend Tim and his credentials, not to mention our policy.

Your thoughts? Rich Lowry offered to help Tim...

The best part? Taylor went on to ask: "Anyone better?"


Lowry didn't immediately respond to a request for comment about whether he felt dissed.

Can we please have another, very different opposition party--and another, very different media?