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bSpace = Hellspawn

May I say that a content management system that--if you have been off dealing with another crisis in the middle of a task--decides when you come back and try to save your work that you are no longer logged in and dumps you to a login page after which it dumps you not on the page you were working on but on the root page, LOSING YOUR WORK!!!1!!

Such a content management system is HELLSPAWN!! Is WROSE THAN HILTER!1!!!1!...

Visual Representation of bSpace:

cthulhu.jpg 540×405 pixels.png

Why does Berkeley think it should be in the business of building its own content management systems anyway?

bSpace | Educational Technology Services: What is bSpace?  bSpace is a web-based communication and collaboration environment powered by the Sakai community. bSpace supports teaching and learning, committee-based projects, and research initiatives for the UC Berkeley community.  Using a supported web browser, users may choose from the many tools in bSpace and combine them to create a site that meets their needs.

For courses, bSpace provides features and technologies that support and enhance teaching and learning. These include:

  • Easy file sharing with Resources
  • Email and message communication with students and groups within your course
  • Weighting and calculation of course grades with Gradebook
  • Online assignment submission and feedback
  • For projects, bSpace provides tools to facilitate communication and organize collaborative work regardless of the participants’ location.

To see an overview of the tools and functions available in bSpace, visit our online Help.

Who uses bSpace?  Instructors, students (undergraduate and graduate), and staff use bSpace every semester in a variety of ways. During the 2008-2009 academic year, we had over 50,000 users on our system.

Since its launch on the Berkeley campus in 2006, bSpace has progressively gained more followers. In Spring 2009, 2722 course sites existed and 3427 project sites existed.

About bSpace and Sakai:  bSpace is UC Berkeley’s implementation of the open-source Sakai CLE (Collaboration and Learning Environment). The Sakai community is made up of over 100 schools, institutions, and commercial affiliates. Other UCs using Sakai are UC Davis, UC Merced, UC Santa Cruz (in pilot), and UC Santa Barbara. For more information about Sakai, visit


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From Jon Hays

Dear bSpace course site instructor,

For Fall 2009, the bSpace team will discontinue its support of the Mailtool, which had proved unreliable for our users over the course of the last couple of semesters. In it's place we have add a new tool called Messages.

How does this decision affect you?

  1. You will no longer be able to add Mailtool to existing or new bSpace sites
  2. The Mailtool will not be removed from your site If it was created prior to the release of Messages.
  3. To remove Mailtool, see our FAQ: How do I remove Mailtool from my existing bSpace course or project site?

And may I say that a maximum allowable title of 32 characters--so that things become "Econ 115 Course Website: Twentie"--is totally lame?