Intellectual Garbage Cleanup (Joe Klein Edition)
A well-Regulated Militia


It is "even the neoconservative New Republic" time, for even the neoconservative New Republic--well let me turn the mike over to:

Glenn Greenwald: ...which long prided itself on safeguarding the Party from nefarious left-wing influences, is now calling for "centrist" Democratic Senators (even including Joe Lieberman) to be thrown out of office by means of primary challenges (I believe that was once called a "purity purge"), even if doing so results in a loss of Democratic seats...

We welcome Jonathan Chait to the ranks of the really, really, really shrill!

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Jonathan Chait R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!! Jonathan Chait fhtagn!!! JONATHAN CHAIT FHTAGN!!!!

Greenwald, however, wants a pound of flesh in addition to a total reversal of field:

Even The New Republic now calls for a party purge of corporate-owned "centrists": [W]hat a rapid and total reversal -- one effectuated without the slightest acknowledgment that it even occurred.  But that's just the accountability-free nature of Beltway punditry...