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Lee Fang on Texas Republican governor Rick Perry:

Think Progress: Gov. Perry laughs off recession: ‘We’re in one?’: Speaking to the Houston Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) discounted the fact that Texas is in a deep economic downturn. In an anecdote to the assembled business leaders, Perry quipped that when he was approached with a report on recovering from the recession, he replied, “We’re in one?“:

PERRY: Why is Texas kind of recession-proof, if you will? As a matter of fact, just today I think, Michael, you said someone had put a report out that the first state that’s coming out of the recession is going to be the State of Texas. I told him, I said, ‘We’re in one?’

The unemployment rate in Texas is up from 4.4% at the end of 2006 to 8.0% today.