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The New York Times Editorial Board Understands Macro

Enablers of the Housing Bubble

Via Mark Thoma:

Economist's View: Rise and Fall of Non-Agency Securitization:

Economist's View: Rise and Fall of Non-Agency Securitization

This is why I have always thought that the argument that "Fannie and Freddie did it" is a non-starter. Two reasons:

  1. Loans owned by Fannie and Freddie can be a problem for the government, but they are not a problem for the financial system--nobody thinks that they could create a linked domino chain of destabilizing bankruptcies. Securitized loans without a public backstop owned by banks, on the other hand...

  2. Fannie, Freddie, and Ginnie were losing market share as the housing bubble grew--not gaining it. They did not force more lax lending standards on the private market, they followed the private market down.