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links for 2009-10-05

I Appear, by Accident, to Have Permanently Annoyed Jo Walton...

She writes:

papersky: Friday already?: It's a funny time for Brad Delong to think I lie on a couch and read all day, since not only have I been dashing around all over but I'm also very aware that I don't have (and don't want) a couch...

But I don't think she lies on a couch and read all day!!!!

I do, however, think that she clearlys enjoy reading books so much more than the rest of us do. And that as a result it would be a better world if the rest of us were to take up a collection so that she could lie on a couch and read all day.

She is, I think, a living, breathing example of the "utility monster" that serves as a brain teaser puzzle in philosophy courses.

And buy her books. My favorites: