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Fiscal Expansion That Is Deficit Neutral in the Long Run

Can We Please Have a Very Different Republican Party?

Justin Elliot of TPM on the Republican Party's Official Newspaper:

Wash Times Editor: I Was Forced To Attend A Moon Church Mass Wedding: Washington Times editorial page editor Richard Miniter is filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the paper today, alleging discrimination based on age, disability, and religion -- being forced to attend a Unification Church mass wedding -- and he will ask the government to enjoin the Times' assets, his lawyer tells TPM....

Larry Klayman, Miniter's attorney, tells TPM. "What we're seeking to do is to freeze everything right now...."

A spokesman for the Times did not immediately respond to a call seeking comment.

A former Wall Street Journal editorial page writer and author of multiple books, Miniter was hired as editorial page editor and vice president of opinion at the Times in March. The article announcing his hire described it as "the latest of a series of dramatic moves to boost the newspaper's global impact." Besides the mass wedding charge, Klayman alleges Miniter and other employees who were over 40 were victims of age discrimination. Finally, he claims Miniter was forced to work when he was having severe heart problems. During a health scare earlier this year, Miniter was brought out of the newsroom on a stretcher, newsroom sources say.

All of these allegations will be included in the EEOC complaint, Klayman says. He adds that there is a dispute over Miniter's employment status at the paper, and the paper is improperly continuing to use his name on its masthead...