Mark Halperin Should Be Fired by Time Magazine Today
Did Ezra Klein Just Say that Tim Geithner Should Be Pitched Over the Side?

Everyone Working for the Washington Post Should Hide Their Head in Shame

UPDATE: Yes! Another source of misinformation gone!!

A correspondent sends me a link to Robert Macmillan, Washington Post closing remaining U.S. bureaus.

Thank you, God...

And the thing should be shut down immediately. Just saying.

Howard Gleckman on George "It's My Business to Lie as Much as Possible" Will:

TaxVox: the Tax Policy Center blog :: Off to the Big House: Penalizing Non-Buyers of Health Insurance:

“Democrats health bills depend on forcing individuals to buy insurance or face severe fines or imprisonment.”

George Will, Nov, 19, 2009

Before we spin off into a Thanksgiving reprise of last summer’s death panel lunacy, let’s be clear. Nothing in Will’s statement is true.... if you don’t get coverage, you pay. But “severe fines,” as Will claims? Hardly. Under the Senate bill, someone who refuses to buy would pay an initial annual penalty of $95. Will probably spends more than that for one of his bow ties.  And imprisonment? Give me a break. There is no such penalty in either bill. The  argument, as I understand it, is that those who don’t buy insurance and refuse to pay the fine could be charged with criminal violation of the tax laws.... Some of the tax cheats recently caught up in the UBS scandal got a few months for failing to pay millions of dollars in back taxes, but I have never heard of anyone being sent up the river for failing to pay $95 in taxes. More likely, the IRS would garnish their wages for the 95 bucks. Not exactly hard time in the big house. In truth, the problem is not that the penalty is too harsh. It is that it is much too weak...

Why oh why can't we have a better press corps?