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"Criticizing the Health Care Bill for Not Doing Enough on Cost Control Is Like Criticizing the Yankees for Not Winning the Super Bowl..."

Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren is 49 Luo grandmothers and great-grandmothers raising 150 AIDS-orphaned grandchildren and great-grandchildren in Ahero, Kenya. They sell their baskets to buy animals, schoolbooks, and extra food through this one-woman zero-overhead NGO.

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Today, November 15 only, Ann Marie and I are matching basket purposes.

If you want a hand woven basket or simply to spend $30 that would otherwise go to your surplus on their substance, please buy.

And we extend a special invitation to those who want to do the right thing for the wrong reason--who want to boast about how generous they are, or feel the warm glow of knowing that they are good people, or who simply think they need to buy advocates before the Judgment Throne: your deeds are as valuable and precious as all others.

UPDATE: Well, that's a fair number of baskets--51, $1775 worth...