links for 2009-11-21
"There Are... 1.1 Million More Jobs Out There... than Would Have Been Without the Stimulus"

James Fallows Is Really Shrill! (Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps? Edition)

He watches the U.S. press corps cover Obama's trip to Asia, and judges it:

Manufactured failure #2: the press, Obama, Asia: I wasn't in touch with Howard French or Tish Durkin (to say nothing of Amb. Jon Huntsman) before we all expressed the same amazed and negative reaction at the way our colleagues had missed the main point of what just happened in America's relations with a very important part of the world. We're all familiar with one "crisis of the press," the business collapse. This is a different kind of crisis, though it makes the business crisis worse: the distortion of reality by compressing every complex issue into the narrative of the DC-based "horse race." As you can tell, this really bothers me...