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Dubai: Why, Yes, Our Collateral Is Underwater. Why Do You Ask?

The Hydropolis!

This should have opened by now--if they ever found anybody who was happy to have their collateral start underwater:

Hydropolis, The Underwater Hotel in Dubai Due To Be Completed Soon: The financial crisis is not over yet, but those guys from Dubai never knew what’s up with this crisis. Tourism in United Arab Emirates is going great and in order to do that, the Arab sheiks are funding a lot of astonishing structures like the Burj Dubai, but the latest construction that will be opened in a few weeks is simply amazing.

The Hydropolis was designed by Joachim Hauser and construction began in 2005, and it was due to be completed by the end of 2006, but there were some technical difficulties like design issues, and the rough sea. That’s history now as the underwater hotel who cost £300 million will be completed in the next few weeks.

Although it’s not the first underwater hotel, Hydropolis is definitely the most extravagant underwater hotel. Hydropolis consists of the land station which will serve as welcome area, a connecting tunnel, and the 220-suite hotel. The underwater hotel is one of the biggest contemporary constructions, and it’s located at about 20-30 meters below the surface.

Joachim Hauser says that the underwater hotel could only be built in Dubai as it has a very open-minded, international community, but I think this can be done because they have money and a natural exoticness...