Depression Economics: Some Basic Fiscal Arithmetic
The Opposite of a Pyrrhic Victory Is...

Economics 210a: Introduction to Economic History: Proposed Class Topics (U.C. Berkeley, Spring 2010, Intended for First-Year Graduate Students in Economics)

I. Pre-Industrial Economies

Jan 20: Modes of Production

Jan 27: Malthus and the Demographic Transition

Feb 3: Industrious Revolutions

Feb 10: Trade, Law, and State

II. The Industrial Economic World

Feb 17: Industrial Revolutions

Feb 24: Globalizations

Mar 3: Divergences

Mar 10: WWI and the Great Depression

Mar 17: WWII and the Thirty Glorious Years

Mar 31: The Forward March of Social Democracy Halted?

Apr 7: China Stands Up

III. Macroeconomics in Historical Perspective

Apr 14: Lombard Street, 1825-1914

April 21: The Great Contraction, 1929-1933

Apr 28: The Panic of 2007-2010

IV. Conclusion

May 5: Reflections