Picking Up Nickels in Front of the Steamroller: A Simple and Partial Finger Exercise
Ten Economic Paragraphs Worth Reading: December 23, 2009

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  • WaPo Sits on Eyewitness Account on Snowball Gun Incident Posted by Erik Wemple on Dec. 22, 2009, at 1:52 pm Washington Post editorial aide Stephen Lowman was at 14th and U on Saturday when the controversial snowball-fight-cum-police-indiscretion went down. He wasn't there on assignment--he was just taking it all in. And take it all in he did. He eye-witnessed the snowball fest and the cop waving around a gun, not to mention all the hubbub that ensued. So Lowman got on the phone to the Post, to give the newsroom a heads-up. He says he was placed in contact with staff writer Matt Zapotosky. Lowman told Zapotosky about the confrontation and the gun. It was just after 3 pm. Not long thereafter, Washington City Paper posted photos of the officer, later identified as Det. Mike Baylor, trudging around in the snow with a gun in his hand. By this point, there was also video on the Web in which the officer admits he pulled his gun out in the midst of a snowball fight. Two hours later, a