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The Opposite of a Pyrrhic Victory Is...

...a Laevinic defeat, according to "Benjamin." Hoisted from Comments:

Another Such Defeat and We Will Be the Winners!: Benjamin said...

a Laevinic defeat would certainly be the correct term, Publius Valerius Laevinus being on the receiving side of Pyrrhus' victory.

However, the Berkeley Classics Department inclines toward a different story.

It focuses not on the 280 BC Battle of Heraclea but rather on the 279 BC Battle of Asculum as the source of the "Pyrrhic victory" and of Pyrrhus's exclamation: "Another such victory and I am lost." The consul and commander at Asculum was Publius Decius Mus P. f. P. f. (yes, "Mus" does mean "mouse").

So now I am wondering whether "Musish defeat" or "mouseish defeat" is more appropriate as the antonym of "Pyrrhic victory."

From Peter Paul Rubens, "Death of Publius Decius Mus":

File:Peter Paul Rubens 107.jpg - Wikimedia Commons