What Is the Obama Economic Strategy?
Economics 211: Seminar in Economic History: U.C. Berkeley: Spring 2010

Barack Obama Is Off Message

The White House press secretary writes:


Office of the Press Secretary


January 25, 2010

President Obama and Vice President Biden Preview Initiatives for Middle Class Families

Discussion Previews a Key Theme for State of the Union Address

Washington, DC – Today, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will hold a meeting of the Middle Class Task Force, where they will lay out key investments for middle class families. Today’sdiscussion will preview one of the key themes of the President’s State of the Union address, which include creating good jobs, addressing the deficit, changing Washington, and fighting for middle class families...

That should be "addressing the long-run deficit...", not "addressing the deficit..." In the short run--out until the end of 2012 or so--a bigger deficit is a plus for America's hard-working families that play by the rules. Only afterwards does it become a minus.

Staying on message isn't rocket science, and it is important...