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Easy Answers to Simple Tech Questions

Paul Krugman asks:

whyPad?: I’ve been reading all the stories about the iPad and sort of wishing I could find some reason to get one. But I can’t come up with a justification. Right now, I carry a dumb phone — GSM, so it works all over the world and in parts of New Jersey; a Lenovo X61 (with an aircard, so that New Jersey Transit is my mobile office); and a Kindle 2. I lug all of them almost everywhere, so I’m kind of a beast of burden. If the iPad were an adequate substitute for the notebook, it would let me lighten that load. But from what I’m seeing, it isn’t: I need lots of files available, number-crunching capacity, basically the ability to do whatever I would do sitting at my regular desk. So I’m still stuck with my backpack-sized briefcase.

Answer: The iPad dominates the Kindle.