links for 2010-02-22
Up-or-Down Vote on Health Care Reform

Department of "Huh?"

Clive Crook:

[T]he US healthcare system is a shameful failure and must be repaired. The reform bill passed by the Senate, or something close to it, would be a big step in the right direction.... Republican opposition to the Senate bill has been cynical and unprincipled. It is a scandal that not one Republican has been willing to speak up for a [health care] reform that, in the end, was a centrist proposal -- much like the one that Mitt Romney, the party’s front-runner for the presidential nomination in 2012, signed as governor of Massachusetts...

Clive Crook:

It is surely too late for the administration to bring Republicans on board. The Democrats’ thinking is now too fixed...

Of course the problem is those stubborn Democrats! Fixing their thinking on a Republican Bill!! Of course Republicans could never support that!!!

The scary thing is that barely 100 words separate the end of the first quote from the beginning of the second...