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Howard Gleckman writes:

TaxVox: the Tax Policy Center blog :: Obama’s Mind-numbing Budget: Senator Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) is a good guy and, left to his own devices, is serious about deficit reduction...

Senator Judd Gregg is not a good guy.

Senator Judd Gregg is not serious about deficit reduction.

Senator Judd Gregg voted for the unfunded Bush 2001 tax cut--even though Alan Greenspan was at the time whispering to everybody that it was bad policy, and that we were likely to rue the day it was passed. Senator Judd Gregg voted for the unfunded Bush 2003 tax cut--even though it was very clear as he voted for it how serious our long-run deicit situation was. Senator Judd Gregg voted to get rid of the PAYGO rules that had served us well in the 1990s. And Senator Judd Gregg just voted against restoring PAYGO.

A powerful man who is a United States senator and who "is serious about deficit reduction" would have voted very differently.

But Judd Gregg didn't.

And why should Gregg have voted differently? He could do what he did and please George W. Bush, commit arson on the federal budget, and still get praised by people like Howard Gleckman as "a good guy" who is "serious about deficit reduction."

Why, Howard, why?