Ten Pieces Worth Reading, Mostly Economics: February 26, 2010
I Endorse Almost Everything Alex Tabarrok Says Here

Jonathan Chait Is Scarily Correct Once Again...

... even if neither he nor his copy editor can successfully spell "prophecy":

Crist: The Prophesy Unfolds: Might as well keep beating this drum. Since December I've been saying that Charlie Crist might be elected to the Senate, but it won't be as a Republican. The Hill notes that Crist just might be edging in this direction:

Either Charlie Crist realizes he can’t escape the stimulus, or he’s leaning toward an independent run for Senate. Crist is saying some curious things for a man in the midst of a conservative primary challenge....


Crist met with Obama in Washington this week after (not-so-smoothly) ignoring him late last year. He has also parted ways with some key campaign staff, including political director Pablo Diaz and new media consultant Sean Doughtie, who said simply, “The campaign was going in a different direction.” The campaign is definitely headed in a different direction, which is to be understood, what with its declining poll numbers. The question is what kind of direction.

It's got an outside shot at working, but outside shot beats no shot.