Worth Reading, Mostly Economics: March18, 2010
Worth Reading #2: Felix Salmon: Repo 105: “Like, whatever” (March 19, 2010)

Worth Reading #1: Menzie Chinn: What Do Business Economists Think the ARRA Accomplished? (March 19, 2010)

Menzie Chinn:

Econbrowser: What Do Business Economists Think the ARRA Accomplished?: From the WSJ March survey survey of forecasters, the results indicate that instead of the 0.15% growth rate recorded in 09Q4 y/y growth, the growth rate would have been -0.93%. For 2010Q4 Q4/Q4 growth, they forecast 3% growth, and in the absence of the ARRA, they would have predicted 2.2% growth. In addition, 75% of the respondents believed the stimulus plan was a net positive for growth, 12% a net negative, and 14% neither...