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Is Michael Steele the Best Possible Chairman for the Republican National Committee?

A question Sydelle Moore asks me this morning.

My answer:

Quite possibly yes--although it does depend on what "possible" means. In my view, Steele is likely to be a better leader for the Republican National Committee than anybody else who might win the job.

To understand the Republican Party today, you have to recognize that right now it is bespelled by three curses:

  • The curse of Ronald Reagan: it believes that over the long haul somehow America can tax like Calvin Coolidge and spend like Lyndon Johnson and everything will come out fine because it is morning in America.

  • The curse of Richard Nixon: it believes that the purpose of politics is to win high-paid jobs with no heavy lifting involved and to humiliate your political adversaries, rather than to make a better country and a better world, and so anything goes.

  • The curse of Barry Goldwater: it believes that the big threat to liberty comes from government attempts to enhance equality of opportunity, and so the Republican Party must abandon its historic commitment to equality of opportunity.

The Republican Party may never again have a legitimate place in American civil life. But if it does, it will only be because brave men and women working within it lift these three curses.

Given his career and his life experience, Michael Steele is more likely to be a positive curse-lifting force than anybody else I can think of who might win his job.