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RomneyCare Passage Aftermath: Senator Vitter's Amendment to Completely Repeal RomneyCare

John Emerson Has a Clever Plan!

Hoisted from Comments: he writes:

Well, There Goes My Plan to Contribute to and Vote for Tom Campbell for Governor of California...: If the circumstances of my life were different I would fix myself up to seem like The Last Eisenhower Republican in the World and fleece Brad out of every goddamn cent he's got. He's so desperate to find one. His poor family would end up living off deposit bottles they found in ditches and vacant lots, but that would be just too bad.

We do have an Eisenhower Republican Party, and it's called the Democratic Party-DLC. Our problem is that we also have a near-fascist Republican Party, and we do not have a viable progressive-populist-radical party. There is syuch a faction in the Democratic Party, but the Eisenhower Democrats have been completely successful in squashing them.

The weird, weird, weird thing is this: as far as I know Brad thinks that single payer would be better than the Eisenhower Romney Obama medical care monster we got. But as a DLC neoliberal Eisenhower Democrat, he will never affiliate with the progressive-popuist-radical branch of the Democrats, and he'll spend the rest of his like looking for a sane Republican (i.e., unicorn) to love.

It would probably work, too...