RomneyCare Aftermath: "Waterloo" Edition
The Curious Triumph of RomneyCare: We Are Live at The Week

RomneyCare Aftermath Watch: Single-Person Circular Firing Squad

I did not know that you could have a circular firing squad made up of only one person:

Josh Marshall: "Unconscionable Abuse of Power": I'm really wondering whether folks like Mitt Romney, who desperately wants to run for president again, realizes that the stuff he writes at NRO will still be available for regular voters to read months and years in the future, long after the even most Republicans have emerged from the current fever swamp. Here's Mitt's description of what just happened. "America has just witnessed an unconscionable abuse of power. President Obama has betrayed his oath to the nation." Not Glenn Beck, not some Tea Partier banging on the door of a Democratic townhall.

The best headline I saw this morning--which I can no longer find on the web or in Google--was this:


And Andrew Romano:

Absurdly Premature: Romney's Ridiculous Response to Obamacare - The Gaggle Blog - For a little while there, Mitt Romney was beginning to act like a humanoid. In order to position himself as the "grown-up" 2012 alternative to the rabble-rousing right wing fringe (see: Palin, Sarah), the former Massachusetts governor has spent the past few months shedding the ill-fitting, hard-core conservatism of his 2008 run and staking out reasonable positions on a number of important issues. He has admitted, for example, that the Democratic stimulus package "will accelerate" America's economic recovery. He has defended the necessity of the TARP program. He has even called global warming a "real and present danger." As the Boston Phoenix's David S. Bernstein puts it, "this latest incarnation is probably the closest we have seen to the "real" Mitt Romney — who close observers believe doesn't care much about social issues, isn't very ideological, and revels in applying management skills to large organizations to help them achieve their goals and functions." Which is why I was somewhat surprised when Romney's aggressive statement on the passage of Obamacare landed in my inbox around 10:00 am this morning.... There are two problems with [Romney's] strategy.... First, launching a divisive, impractical, PR-driven campaign to repeal health-care reform at the same time you're calling for "a new kind of politics" is just a little bit contradictory, so it only reinforces the perception that Romney is a soulless automaton willing to say anything... second, what Romney is actually saying...doesn't make any sense.... Romney expects us to believe that his preferred package of health-care fixes represented "the ultimate conservative plan" when backed by a liberal legislature, then suddenly became "an historic usurpation of the legislative process" when forced to wend its way through a more moderate body. But the difference was context, not content. Romney's maneuver is meant to distract Republican primary voters from this simple fact. But I'm guessing it won't be very effective.