Worth Reading #9: Marc Ambinder: When Republicans Supported an Individual Mandate (March 27, 2010)
RomneyCare Final Passage Aftermath Watch: No, the Republican Party Is Not Returning to Sanity Any Time Soon...

Worth Reading #10: Paul Krugman: A Thin Line Between Hate And Love (March 27, 2010)

Paul Krugman:

A Thin Line Between Hate And Love: Compare and contrast:

WSJ editorial, March 19:

This is what happens when a willful President and his party try to govern America from the ideological left, imposing a reckless expansion of the entitlement state that most Americans, and even dozens of Democrats in Congress, clearly despise.

Gallup, March 22:

Good/bad thing: 49-40. Dems: 79-9. Inds: 46-45. Reps: 14-76...

Actually, it’s not clear whether public opinion has changed all that much: a substantial fraction of those who disapproved of the reform did so because it didn’t go far enough. Anyway, true to form, one of the key talking points of reform’s opponents — that passing reform was an outrage because it denied the clear will of the people — turns out to be completely bogus.