The Modern Republican Wingnut View in a Nutshell II
The Future of Education

Department of "Huh?!"

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Mark Leibovich:

Is Incurious Mike Really That Incurious?: Gary Allen... the John Birch Society... railed against the “big lies” that led to the United States’ involvement in World Wars I and II... the Trilateral Commission... “Red Teachers.” Rock’n’roll was a “Pavlovian Communist mind-control plot.” He wrote speeches for George Wallace.... None of Mike Allen’s friends seemed to know any of this about his father.... I asked Mike Allen what it was like being his father’s son. “We have a very close family,” he said slowly. “I’m very close to all my siblings, and I’m very grateful to my parents for all the emphasis they put on education and family and sports and Scouts.” He called his father “a great dad.” How did he make his living? “I don’t know the details of it,” Allen said. He did some teaching, but Allen said he was not sure where or what age groups, whether elementary school or high school or something else. He had an office at home. “To me, he was my dad. So that’s what I knew.” He says he never read anything his father wrote. After some fidgety minutes, I asked Allen how he became an Eagle Scout...