Nineteen Things Wiorth Reading, Mostly Economics, for April 6, 2010
Hoisted from the Archives from January 2007: In Condemnation of One-Equation Economics

New Republic FAIL

Why oh why can't we have a better press corps?

Why oh why can't the New Republic simply die and send its good writers to the Nation and the American Prospect, so that dreck like this simply doesn't get published?

Why oh why does Frank Foer still have a job?

Martin Peretz: Obama's Rage and the Palestinians' 'Days of Rage': They are not unconnected. They are not unconnected at all.

Now, presumably the president didn't want to provoke the rage of the Palestinians. (Although, then again, he might just have anticipated it.) But Palestinian rage is very easy to provoke. Snap your fingers and, there, you have it. You don't even have to rent a mob. It comes free will, so to speak. The fact is that Obama did more than snap his fingers. He sent out very top members of his administration to beat up on Israel.... First, Joe Biden.... Hillary Clinton, who may or may not have a soul, launched her shrill assault on both Bibi Netanyahu and Israel's ingratitude for her favors. Last but not least (and actually a true instance of effrontery) was the dispatching of David Axelrod, (who in 2004 was behind John Edwards, "Bill Clinton without the sex") who knows nothing about foreign policy, but maybe being a Jewboy thinks he is more than credentialed to chastise the Jewish state.... What exactly did the Obami think?... [M]my counsel to the Israelis would be to stall until the next president comes along. James Baker said, "Fuck the Jews...they don't vote for us anyway." Well, Jews do vote Democrats and did vote for Obama, more than any other voters but black voters (who may not come out to vote so massively this time.) Israel is not all that matters to voting Jews. But it does matter. (Someone at breakfast this morning suggested to me that Obama is like Col. Lindbergh. See Philip Roth's The Plot Against America. But, unlike Lindbergh, whose presidential ambitions collapsed, Obama's succeded)...