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The Modern Republican Wingnut View in a Nutshell II

The Modern Republican Wingnut Viewpoint in a Nutshell...

Better not to have publicly-funded roads, bridges, school lunches, and health reesearch than to have them--even if you have them without the taxes needed to fund them doing any damage to the private economy and with the overwhelming approval of the voters:

Clive Crook:

Clive Crook: The superior efficiency of a VAT is a mixed blessing. Increasing a VAT, once you have it, is less damaging to the economy than raising the same amount of revenue from an unreformed income tax. So one result of a VAT might be less political resistance to higher taxes and bigger government. Europe's experience seems to support this view. If blocking the growth of the state is your overriding priority, you might oppose a VAT precisely because, as taxes go, it is a good one. By the same logic, of course, you should strive to make the income tax even worse. The rule would be, collect revenue in the most damaging ways possible. That will raise the price of Big Government and tie the liberals' hands...