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Yes, John McCain Is Nuts...

From Media Matters:

McCain: AZ Bill's Racial Profiling Aspect Is Fine Because Immigrants "Are Intentionally Causing Accidents": McCain: "It's not just the murder of Robert Krantz. It's the people whose homes and property are being violated. It's the drive-by that -- the drivers of cars with illegals in it that are intentionally causing accidents on the freeway..."

On the freeway? On the FREEWAY?

If you are going to intentionally cause an accident in which your junker collides with someone's BMW in order to extort some money from them, you don't do it in traffic moving at 70 mph.

That's just self-preservation. Even with modern front- and side-impact airbags, seat belts, reinforced doors, and enhanced crumple zones, pulling that kind of s--- is really dangerous.