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Hoisted from Comments: Robert Waldmann on Peter Beinart, Formerly of The New Republic

Eleanor Roosevelt Liveblogs World War II: May 17, 1940

Eleanor Roosevelt:

The President is asking today for a great increase in our national defenses.... One has but to read the record of what happened to Holland's Army—one-fourth wiped out—to realize why we must have modern weapons of war. This, of course, we must face and must pay for.... [I]f democracy is to survive it must be because it meets the needs of its people. Anyone who knows this country knows that there are some people to whom the form of government under which they live might easily seem immaterial because of the difficult economic situations they have faced.... We need a united front here as well as the more tangible front of creating war materials. It requires greater cooperation and it will require greater self-sacrifice really to make democracy something for which every citizen will feel he will willingly die because with its loss will go economic as well as intellectual freedom.

Much has been said in this country about not wanting to participate in foreign wars, and people who have said it must now face the fact that foreign wars come very close to our own shores. We will always have not only the religious groups but many groups who feel that war is wrong. I cannot imagine how anyone could feel otherwise.... But when force not only rules in certain countries but is as menacing to all the world, as it is today, one cannot live in a Utopia which prays for different conditions and ignores those which exist...