Department of "Huh?!"

Exit Polls Say MItch McConnell's Faction of Republicans Is Going to Lose...

Mitch McConnell could have spent the past three and a half years (i) trying to make American government work, and run for re-election as the can-do Minority Leader who helped make America work and made sure that all the moonbatty things the Democrats wanted to pass were amended and modified so that as passed they are actually good for the country.

Mitch McConnell could have spent the last three and a half years (ii) trying to keep American government from working, and run for re-election as the new broom that needs to be brought in to sweep out the Democrats, who (iii) have been unable to accomplish anything.

But it now looks as though enough of Kentucky's voters think that Mitch McConnell has (i) been trying to make American government work, but that actually government (iii) has been unable to accomplish anything--and that his Republicans are some of the garbage that needs to be swept out.

Josh Green:

Rand Paul Wraps Up in Kentucky: Rand Paul... GOP voters will decide in a closed primary whether to anoint him their Senate nominee.... Paul reiterated the idea that the Tea Party has a mainstream message that revolves around term limits, balanced budget laws, fiscal discipline, and assorted other particulars meant to appeal to the angry and aggrieved. "There's a tidal wave coming," Paul told the crowd, "its' already gotten to Utah, and tomorrow it's coming to Kentucky."... "If we win tomorrow," he said, "it will be the first victory for a Tea Party candidate, and we will define the direction of the Republican Party."

In my talks with voters on the campaign trail today and yesterday, the idea that the Republican Party is as complicit as the Democratic Party in what ails the country is something I heard again and again.... [R]egistered Republican voters... frustration with Mitch McConnell, Kentucky's senior senator and the Senate Minority Leader, seemed indistinguishable from--or perhaps better to say, "was a large part of"--the general frustration with Washington. "Republicans in Washington, D.C. are just playing 'follow the leader,' Janice Cox told me at a rally in Paducah earlier today, to which she'd brought her daughter, grandchildren, and a jumbo-sized American flag. "We need a true constitutional conservative."... Trey Grayson wants to balance the budget eventually, but Paul wants to do it in a single year. Grayson wants to rein in earmarks without banishing them outright (Kentucky benefits greatly from earmarks, especially given McConnell's seniority), Paul wants to do away with them altogether. It's almost unfair to Grayson that this is costing him so dearly--he is being responsible in saying that the budget is not going to get balanced in one year (it's not), and he's looking out for the state's interests by wanting to bring home the pork. But it's clear, just as it was in Utah last week when Sen. Bob Bennett lost, that voters are angry and far more interested in a candidate who speaks in absolutes.